Monday, February 25, 2008

Chapter 3 - Episode 6

Benjamin and Mathew were on the lake, fishing rods ready to catch some ‘big ones’ as they referred to any fish longer than 5 inches. Benjamin had been silent the whole morning and Mathew had tried to find out why, but Benjamin kept his mouth shut. They were now sitting close to the waterfall, and Benjamin had forgotten all about his oath of silence and asked his dad why he and mom had a fight. Mathew told him, that sometimes grown-ups don’t listen very careful to each other and because of that they misinterpret things they hear and see, and that was just what happened. But now mom and daddy were just fine. And to ensure Benjamin that there was nothing to worry about he asked the little boy if he wanted another brother of sister. But Benjamin didn’t care, he just didn’t want mom and dad to fight, because the mom and dad of his friend Jonas were also fighting all the time before his daddy left and Jonas now only sees his dad sometimes in the weekend. Mathew was shocked that his three-year-old son had thoughts like this and assured Benjamin that nothing like that would happen, because mom and dad love each other.

He told her that he did think that she was attractive, but he also thought that she was married to Mathew. She replied that she was glad that he thought that she was attractive and smiled. Then she stepped towards him and kissed him again, this time more insistently and he kissed back, their tongues were battling about which mouth to conquer first and he moved his hands over her back, caressing her and when he reached the lower part of her back she got a chill and pressed forward and felt that he had an erection. He broke of her kiss and asked her if she wanted to undress him, and in anticipation of seeing him naked she started to unbutton his shirt and after taking it of, she slowly slid down his pants. He was now standing in front of her, clothed in nothing more than his boxer shorts. She stepped back and watched him carefully.

Benjamin was the first to catch a fish, and cheered. The fight between his parents had left his mind and was now nothing but a vague memory. His dad had told him that mom and dad were still in love and he believed dad. While unhooking the fish, which was a ‘big one’, Mathew looked at his son and smiled. That night he and Kate would start getting Benjamin a little sister or brother. The anticipation of sweet lovemaking made him smile even more and Benjamin asked him what was so funny, he told him nothing, just a grown-up joke.

She stepped towards him again and hesitated a moment before sliding his shorts to the ground as well. She licked her lips and kissed him, pressing her body tightly against his. She told him that he was the only man besides her husband she’d ever seen naked and kissed. He pushed her back and told her that he now wanted her to get undressed. She obliged and took of her blouse and jeans. Standing in front of him wearing nothing but her bra and panties, she started to feel embarrassed. He looked at her and told her that she was a very beautiful woman. He got closer and kissed her passionately while unclasping her bra. He then kissed her breasts and gently nibbled on them, like a baby. She gasped for air and felt a sense of disappointment when he removed himself from her and asked her to turn around. Which she did. When she faced him again, she saw his erection pulsate and felt how she got aroused as well. She hadn’t thought that it would come this far, but she wanted to. Moving her hands to her side, she wanted to get out of her panties, but he told her not to, he told her to turn around again, slower this time, as he wanted to enjoy the view. She did as he told and while she was half way around, he asked her to stop. A shiver went through her as she felt how he was starring at her back, whispering how much he liked what he was seeing, telling her to bent over because he wanted to see the fabric of her panties stretch over her buttocks. Slowly she bent over and felt how her panties were tightening around her buttocks. Because he told her what would happen she was more aware of the arousing feeling of the cotton gently caressing her skin and she felt how her panties were moistening. Spreading her legs a bit she was able to bend over even further and from between her legs she watched him watching her. His erection glistening as if liquefied pearls were seeping from it, and she smelled how much she, herself, wanted him. And while he was watching her, she slowly removed her panties, exposing her privates. He walked over to her, and when she felt his touch on her thighs she shivered. He guided her to an upward position again and turned her around. The now naked bodies met and while passionately kissing they let themselves to the ground, never breaking the kiss and made love.

It was getting dark and Mathew saw Kate and his neighbor preparing dinner. Benjamin was shouting that he had caught the biggest fish in the lake and asked his dad to back him up on this. Kate looked at her son and his dad and hugged them both. She gave Mathew a kiss on his check and he returned the favor letting his hand slide over her back. She moved her mouth to his and kissed him. But when he looked in her eyes Mathew saw that something was wrong and asked Kate about it. But she told him that she had enjoyed the sun a bit too much that afternoon and was now suffering the consequences in the form of a headache. Their friendly and thoughtful neighbor had taken care of the berries that afternoon because every step she took was hurting like hell as she put it. But it was not as bad as an hour ago. Mathew wanted to get her some aspirin but she told him she already had two. Mathew realized that Benjamin’s little sister had to wait another night, but that didn’t matter, his wife’s well being was more important.

While everybody was asleep, Kate went to her lover’s bed, only to find it empty. Wondering were he had gone she walked to the window and saw how he was swimming in the lake, naked, his clothes in a little pile on porch. As she was standing at the window she didn’t hear Benjamin coming into the room and was startled when he asked her when he would get a little sister, telling her that he would rather have a little brother, if she could take care of that. She turned around and took her son in her arms kissing him and she realized that she had made a mistake that day. She had a family, a husband and a son that she loved more than anything in the world. She asked if Benjamin wanted to sleep in his parent’s bed and took him with her.

He enjoyed the cold water and felt how it made his skin tighten around his muscles. He felt how his mind got clearer the longer he stayed in the water. He felt how his inner being was turned inside out and back again and when he turned around he felt like a new person, but he still remembered the love he had felt that morning, and he felt how much he wanted more of that same feeling. And although the water had cleaned his body and his soul, it hadn’t washed away the feelings he developed for Kate. He stared into the night and saw a movement at the cabin, concentrating he saw that Kate was watching him, Benjamin in her arms. He loved the kid. Then she turned around, back to her husband.

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