Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Nurse (CH07EP04)

The next day he woke up as the nurse opened the curtains and asked him if he was awake. He had dreamed of Bobby, the dog he had as a five-year old boy. The dog had looked up at him, tears in its eyes as he dug his hands into the warm body of the animal. His fingers were replaced by scalpels and with the precision of a seasoned heart surgeon he had cut the dogs organs out, and it was only after he removed the lungs that the dog stopped breathing. He was covered in blood and dust was sticking all over him. It itched and as he tried to scratch he saw the dogs tongue extend to lick his master clean. While he focused on the tongue moving over his body, amazed by the softness of the strokes he didn’t see the dog change into a woman. When bright red lips replaced the tongue he realized in terror that he hadn’t killed a dog but had brought life to a naked woman’s body. Hair started to grow on the head attached to the lips, breast were forming in the wholes left after removing heart and lungs. He was unable to see the woman’s face until she looked up. Fire was shooting out of her eyes, they were burning in his face, blinding him. Then she asked if he was awake.

He told the nurse that he felt thirsty. She told him that she would be back in a minute with some fresh orange juice. A voice told the nurse not to bother, it would take care of him for the rest of the day. In the door he saw Patty, smiling with bright red lips and green glistening eyes. She looked at him and told him she’d had the weirdest dream. She was lying in bed and… all of a sudden you were in a forest, reborn from the dead body of a dog while you were kissing me all over, as if you wanted to clean me from the soil that clang to my blood covered body he finished. She looked at him, not knowing whether to be shocked or amazed. She shook her head and told him that she had dreamed that she was lying in bed and he had come in asking her if she would mind that she stayed a while at his place to be his nurse. And she had answered in her dream that she would only do that if they were married and the next moment they said yes in front of the altar in St. Peter’s cathedral in Rome . When she woke up all she could think of was him and knew that she had to come to the hospital to see how he was doing. When she finished she told him that his story was interesting as well, and maybe someday she would lick him all over his body, but he would have to take a shower up front, and definitely no dogs allowed, as she was allergic.

She stayed the whole day around him and they talked about whatever sprang to mind. He felt as if she completely understood what he was about. He was certain that someday she would understand who he was. He felt comfortable around her, not only because she was the missing person in his life, but also because she seemed to radiate a feeling that made him want to be with her. It was a sort of warmth that no fire could ever give him. There was nothing in the whole wide world that would be able to give him the feeling that she did. That night when visiting time was over she told him that she would be back the next day and if he would still be there she would drive him home and spend the night with him.