Monday, November 29, 2010

Patty's own importance (CH07EP05)

He didn’t dare to leave his room the next day, although he was allowed to walk around, he stayed in his bed. He wanted to make sure that he would be there, not giving Patty the impression he didn’t care. It wasn’t until 9 PM that night she showed up, looking at him she asked what he’d done that day. She guessed that now he was allowed to walk around he probably had checked out the nurses. He told her he hadn’t, there was no nurse in the world that would be worth not being there when she would come to drive him home. She asked if maybe he had walked to the hospital-restaurant to get some decent food, a hamburger or some real coffee, but he told her that no food was good enough, no hamburger juicy enough, no coffee strong enough that would make him want to not be there when she would come to drive him home. She looked at him and he saw that she was frightened. He wondered if she was thinking of his dream that he had told her to be hers. He asked her what was wrong and she told him that she always had been the person in a relation to sacrifice everything to make the relation work. Nobody had ever thought about her and now he was treating her as if she was the most valuable thing in the world. He asked her what was so frightening about it, and she told him that he might find out that she wasn’t worth all the sacrifices and be disappointed, that he would leave her. She started crying. He got out of bed, taking her in his arms and kissed her cheeks. He tasted her salty tears. He tried to kiss her on the wettest spots on her cheeks, trying to taste as many teardrops as possible. He tried not to show her how much he enjoyed kissing her while she cried. He asked her if she would still drive him home and spend the night with her. Slowly she turned her head and as he opened his mouth to kiss her again she kissed him. He pulled away as he felt her lips on his and told her not to. He told her that they had the rest of their lives to kiss if she wanted to, but that he now wanted her to be with him. He wanted to feel her presence, hear her voice as she spoke. Feel the slight tremble in the air as she moved. Smelling her enchanting scent as the wind passed her. He told her that they would have an eternity to make love, but that he would only like her to spend the night with him to wake up in the morning to see her face while she opened her eyes to greet another day with him. A smile full of surprise and amazment appeared on her face, a big teardrop rolled from her eye over her cheek. She opened her mouth to say something but he pressed his finger against her lips and kissed her, right where the teardrop tried to escape her face and fall to the ground.

He woke up, a sharp pain in the back of his head remembered him about the incident three days ago. He sat up in bed, watching how the morning sun was sending rays of sunlight through the windows for the sole purpose of emphasizing the beauty of the woman in his bed. He damned the dust in the air that floated in the air, preventing the sunlight to reach her face. He didn’t dare to blink with his eyes. Afraid to miss a fraction of the second in which Patty would open her eyes. After 10 minutes his eyes started to hurt and he realized that he had to blink them as his sight was blurred by the tears that were forming. He blinked twice, hoping that that was enough to sustain another 10 minutes, hoping that she would open her eyes soon, as he knew that the next time two blinks wouldn’t be enough.