Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 3 - Episode 9

Mathew greeted him and he asked Mathew to come inside for a moment, because he wanted to discuss Kate’s behavior. Mathew told him he noticed a change in her behavior and asked if the two had talked the day before. He answered that he would rather discuss it while drinking a cup of coffee. Mathew agreed and they went inside, he held the door open for his neighbor and while Mathew stepped inside, he made sure nobody saw Mathew step into his house. He closed the door after Mathew and locked it.

Kate was awake, as she was every morning when Mathew tried to sneak out of bed, in fact when he tried to let her sleep he made more noise than when just not caring about whether or not she would wake up. She felt movement next to her left side and knew it was Benjamin. Just a few hours ago he came to sleep with his parents. Kate stepped out of bed and walked to the window as she heard her husband talk with the neighbor. When she opened the curtains she could just see her husband entering the house and the door being closed, and she thought it was getting locked, considering the movement she vaguely saw.

Mathew turned around, just in time to see him lock the door. A smile on his face made Mathew shiver, something that didn’t go unnoticed. The smile became more obvious and more sadistic. He told Mathew that his wife had shivered when he move his hands over her bare back while they were searching for berries, while Mathew and Benjamin were catching fish. When they were discussing how Kate could ensure that she would have to make love to her husband that night. While he was torturing his friend he moved towards Mathew and when he was close enough he dug his hands into the chest of his neighbor and with the precision of a seasoned surgeon he removed the heart of his victim. He felt how smooth his hands went into the flesh, how easy he maneuvered his fingers around the ribs. He enjoyed every single moment of the action and then it was over.

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