Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 3 - Episode 10

She was curious on what was going on and took her son on her arm. Kate went outside over to the door she just saw locked and knocked on it. She looked through the window and saw her husband walking towards the door. He looked bewildered and when he opened the door she saw it wasn’t been her husband who opened the door. She shrieked, but before she could turn around and run away, he had Benjamin in his hands, she held on to her son and was pulled into the kitchen, there she saw her husband on the floor, his heart still beating besides him. She felt something dripping on her hands and saw he had his hands buried in her son. She fainted and fell down on the floor.

He was looking at her. She felt comfortable and found herself in one of his big chairs. He asked if she wanted coffee or tea. He would make it really cozy and they could be together for the rest of their lives, just like she had wanted now that Benjamin and Mathew weren’t there anymore. She burst out in a hysterical laughter, which turned into crying asking for her son, who was still breathing. Little pieces of cotton were sticking out of his stomach. He told her that everything would be all right and they would have Benjamin as their son. She pulled at one of the cotton pieces but he caught her arm. He told her that if she removed the cotton the kid would die. This was the only way to stop the bleeding.

Two weeks later Benjamin died in the arms of his mother while she committed suicide. He sold the store and left. A year later he read in the paper that the police had found three bodies in the basement of his house, all without vital organs and they assumed illegal organ trading but then found the missing organs in various rooms and he was called the ‘organ-killer’. It was the last time he ever read a paper again.

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