Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Mansion (CH05E01)

He lived in a small village, no more than 500 inhabitants and most of them he knew by name. He had bought a small mansion that required quite some renovation. He enjoyed working on the house and after 2 years he had taken care of all immediate repairs. The house had a new roof as well as completely replaced stairs to all 3 floors. He had decorated most of the rooms. It had cost him a fortune, but it was a fortune well spent. He had made a list of all repairs and other duties that were still required and guessed he would be kept busy by the building for at least another year.

It had been September, the schools had just begun and he was working on the shed. He wanted it finished before it would get cold, as he planned to use it to keep his firewood. He already had a whole stack lying around.

He didn’t hear the doorbell and was startled by the young couple when they came around the house. The man introduced them as Merry and Jerome Johnville. Jerome asked him if he could use some help, as they just arrived to town, they needed a place to stay and a job. Seeing this beautiful mansion, they thought that he might use some help around the house and have them stay in one of the bedrooms. Jerome told him that Merry could bake the most delicious pies and he had been working in construction the better part of his adult life and could help him or do repairs on the house. He wouldn’t need to pay them, as they would get a nighttime job, but just for rent, Merry would cook dinner for them and he would take care of all the handyman duties. He agreed and 15 minutes later Merry and Jerome were unpacking their suitcases in one of the rooms.