Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reality kicks in, hard (CH07E11)

Only after the third time she called his name, Patty saw him walking through the doorway. Mark was already getting ready to leave, assuming that his friend didn't feel well enough today to have any visitors. Even though it had been quite a while since the accident, he was still groggy every now and then and his friend respected this. Giving him all the time he needed to recover.
When he entered the kitchen and grabbed for his tea he was shivering. And without any apparent reason he told Patty that once he owned a dog, when he had been a child. But that was then and he felt like he needed a new pet. Something living that would walk around the house when he would not be there and that would greet him when he would come home. Maybe he would go to the animal shelter and save a cat of a miserable fate.
Patty noticed the sweat on his forehead and when he turned towards her she could see in his eyes that something terrible was wrong. As he turned towards her she stepped back. As if it were a dream she grabbed behind her, felt her hand tighten itself around one of the kitchen knifes. Before she knew what happened she swung around and yelled at the man she had loved unconditionally minutes before to step back, to put the mug with hot tea back on the counter and leave her the hell alone.
As this scene unfolded itself before Mark's eyes he noticed a soaring pain on his arms. And when he looked at his arms, trying to understand what was causing this pain he heard Patty scream in utter agony. He looked up, just in time to see a hot stream of tea splash into his face, burning into his eyes. Without thinking he covered his eyes with his hands and that was when a sharp knife cut deep into his fingers. Two fingers of his right hand almost came of completely. His screams mixed with the high pitched howling of Patty who was lying on the floor. Her lover on top of her, pushing the fingers of one hand gently into her eyes and nostrils. With the other hand he wielded the knife, with an elegant move he swung his arm around himself and Mark saw the flash caused by the reflection of the light on the blade move from left to right. His legs fell from underneath him. Startled he looked down and saw that his legs were still there, but they wouldn't respond to the commands his brain was sending to them. Blood gushed on the floor from his knees. Mark's knees were cut and now the blade glided through the air towards his achilles. He tried to kick at his friend. Still Mark looked at him as his friend. When Mark dropped to the floor, Patty felt her brain literally being probed by her lover. Fingernails scratching the surface of her frontal lobe. Through her eye sockets, her eyes were dangling on her cheeks, he pushed his fingers deeper and deeper into her head. She cried, as loud as her body could. Her brain was no longer giving the orders, it was dismantled, she reacted. It was all she could. Her eyes still seeing what was happening. And she not been in this position she would have wondered how her eyes could still see, yet she could not think. Her senses were all she still had, all that defined her now. She was alive because she sensed. "I sense therefore I am", she would have thought under more normal circumstances.

Everything turned black and loosing her sight scared her more than anything else. She heard Mark plead to him to stop. To stop cutting him. She smelled the mixed scent of vomit, sweat and blood. She felt herself emptying her blather and the sour stench of her urine mixed in with the rest of the so human smells. She felt how one of her nostrils tore open, a finger being pushed deeper and deeper into her nose. She heard how one of the drawers was opened and then she heard the ringing noise of utensils, which was followed by the coldness of metal on her skin. Than that feeling was gone, replaced by the agony of a fork being jammed into her thigh with brute force. The pain made her loose consciousness.

Mark was still on the floor. Although for some reason the pain in his legs had subdued, he was too shocked to react. Seeing in front of him his friend mutilating his girlfriend. Something was wrong he thought. There was something missing in all of this, but he couldn't put his finger to it. There was definitely something amiss, but it wasn't tangible. He looked at his legs, still there underneath him. Feeling pain but not responding to anything. He looked at his friend again who dug his hands with great ease into the eyes of Patty, deeper and deeper. Her eyes popped out of her skull, dangling on her cheeks. Than the knife that had severed his legs cut her eyes loose. When they rolled onto the floor Mark threw up. Soundless. There was nothing he could do. Patty's head moved from left to right as if she was looking for something. He saw the eyes being picked up by bloody hands. Fingers used as tweezers carefully held the two eyes. Mark's gaze met his and this was when Mark realized what was missing. There was no emotion. There was no emotion at all. Not with him, not with his friend. No sorrow, no love, no hate, no happiness, no emotion at all. Too late he realized that his mind had wandered of and he hadn't seen the two hands clenched into fists coming. They hit his nose hard. The second time he saw them coming. He raised his own hands in defense. Protecting his nose which was broken and bleeding. But the fists didn't target his nose this time, they opened up and he felt both hands touch his skull simultaneously. Not with force, but almost gently. Still his skull cracked open and despite the pain he stayed conscious. Ten fingers dug into his brain. Poking holes in it, without killing him. Than the smelled urine, not his own. Patty must have urinated on the floor and he was disgusted by this thought. He was amazed that he could still think.
But not for long, two hands slowly found their way into his body. Squeezing every organ in his body, hurting him. Slowly killing him.

Then it all stopped. It was over. The world was dark and empty. And when Mark realized this, he died. Seconds after Patty was killed by the man she felt so fond of.

Five days later the police arrived at his doorstep after Mandy had called them. She hadn't heard from Mark or Patty for that matter since the week before.