Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post Suicide, The Dog (CH04E02)

A month after Kate had committed suicide he had fallen from a ladder. He was working in a newly renovated house he had bought. He had some money from the sale of his business and after buying the house he had sufficient money left to decorate it nicely. To create a new home for himself where he would feel at home. He was painting the ceiling and had been too lazy to steady the ladder. He had made a sudden move to get rid of a mosquito and fell down the ladder, hit his head and broke his arm. He called 911 on his cell-phone and the paramedics helped him to bed after taking care of his arm. He suffered from a concussion and had to stay in bed for three days. He told them that he would take care of himself and that he would be all right. That night he’d woken up after hearing a sound; he felt a weight on his legs, which turned out to be a dead dog. In panic he had called a veterinarian who took the dog away.

He slept for 2 days and after waking up he wondered if he had dreamt the whole incident with the dog. He checked the memory of his cell-phone and rang the last number in memory, the veterinarian’s assistant picked up the phone and confirmed that a dog was taken from his home. He asked what had happened to the dog and she told him that the dog was pierced with a blunt object. He had been very lucky. He asked her why upon which she told him the dog had suffered from rabies. She asked him if the dog was his, but he replied he didn’t have a dog, he just moved into the house and didn’t know anybody. They left it with that, but he asked her if she would like to have lunch with him to celebrate his luck. He was surprised that she accepted. He would pick her up the next day around noon .

He went to take a shower and wondered who might have killed the dog.

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