Friday, March 05, 2010

The Woman (CH04E03)

He looked around, but who ever had killed the rat had made very sure that there wouldn’t be a trace to follow, and if he hadn’t been so sure about what had happened he would have thought he’d done it himself.

He pushed the woman away; she rolled on her side and let out a gasp. The last air in her lungs had been pushed out, he knew. He looked at her, picked her up and took her to the table. He pushed the heart and liver aside and laid her next to them. He opened her blouse and stared at her bare breasts as she hadn’t worn a bra, she never had worn a bra, at least not on any date they had been on. He touched her left breast gently, feeling the implants. His finger traced the scar that had almost healed. He had asked her to get implants, convincing her that they would increase her self-esteem. Two weeks later she proudly showed them to him, he could still see the scars clearly, and licked them. She had an orgasm while he licked her scars. He felt how dust entered his eye and he took some water to flush it out. Looking down at the woman he had made love to so many times he realized that he didn’t know her. The woman in front of him was a complete stranger to him. He tried to picture the events that had happened 4 or maybe now 5 days ago, but he couldn’t, not while he didn’t know how long he had been here.

Covering the body in some plastic he found outside he decided that he had to go home, where ever that was. He would remember. But first he had to make sure that she was safe. The plastic would keep the rats and other animals from eating her and he had folded her in such a way that the lump of plastic didn’t resemble a human body in any way. He left her on the table and opened the door. Sunlight covered his face and he had to cover his eyes with his hands. He didn’t recognize the place he was. He looked around, but didn’t find anything familiar in the scenery.

In the distance he saw a mansion, about 350 feet away. He squinted and recognized the building. It was his parents’ house, but although he recognized the house, he didn’t recognize the surrounding area. He walked towards the house when he suddenly heard a noise behind him. He turned around and saw the woman’s face, just before the hammer landed on his forehead. Everything became black around him and he saw the world turning up side down. He wanted to close his eyes but couldn’t, he then decided to keep then open, but he couldn’t. He saw a clear white spot and then it was over. The last thing he felt was a little stream of blood, running down his cheek.

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