Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Patty's personal high (CH07EP06)

They hadn’t made love that night. After they arrived at his house she helped him taking a shower. His wound was still hurting and he was glad that he didn’t have to clean himself. Patty had been very systematic while washing him and never hinted at any romantic intentions that she might have. Although she did seem to spend an unusual amount of time cleaning his privates and she seemed to enjoy sliding her soapy hand between his buttocks while he was bending over, steadying himself against the wall. He had shivered and she had told him not to think any naughty thoughts as it was required the extra attention because he hadn’t been to the bathroom in two days and it was unhygienic. And because it made perfect sense her fingers massaging his balls didn’t arouse him. It had taken a full 30 minutes for her to completely wash him. He could dress himself and while he was looking for some clean boxer shorts and a shirt she took a quick shower. Closing and locking the bathroom door. Through the door she had told him that he could see her naked and touch her, examine her completely once he was recovered from the surgery and she didn’t have to bathe him anymore. He didn’t mind he told her and she had opened the door. She had stood in the door looking at him, legs slightly parted, hands reaching for the ceiling. She looked straight into his eyes, he felt her stare burn inside his head. She looked at him and mouthed inviting words to him. He looked back at her; his gaze had no arousal in them, only appreciation. She knew that his thoughts were pure, that although he wanted her, she was sure of that, he didn’t want sex with her. There had never be a man, or a woman for that matter that hadn’t had at least one erotic thought after seeing her naked. Slowly one of her hands moved by instinct over her naked body. As it moved over her breasts her nipples hardened. The hand moved to her back, caressing her buttocks. Slowly she spread her fingers and moved her hand to her pubic area. He looked at her not noticing her hand’s enticing maneuvers. He was caught by her stare, still burning in his head. She knew that if she would continue to look into his eyes he wouldn’t notice how wet she was. How easy her fingers entered her, how she was spilling sweet drops of her juices on the carpet. She felt how her own heat made her spread her legs further, how she no longer could withstand her own seductions. Slowly her thumb circled her clit while her middle and index fingers entered her as deep as possible. She knew that she would either have to relieve herself or have him do it, and if she didn’t stop looking into his eyes it would be her that would give her an orgasm for sure. She remembered what he had said that evening, that he didn’t want to make love to her, because they had eternity to do so. He just wanted to enjoy being with her, experiencing her. She remembered how good she had felt that evening. She couldn’t put words on how much she loved him at that moment, these fresh memories made her decide not to avert her stare, but to keep his eyes locked onto hers while she would bring herself to an exploding orgasm not allowing her to look away. She felt how her body started to climax. It wanted to forget about the rest of the universe. Turn inside just to turn outside again. With each stroke of her thumb around her clit, with each thrust of her fingers reaching inside of her, she brought herself closer to the edge. It was getting harder to stay focused on the man in front of her, the man that did not see anything but her eyes. The world around her faded. Every move of her hand spun threads of electricity through her body. She felt that she was loosing consciousness like he had lost it days ago. Her legs weakened, her other hand dug its fingers into the door. Then she held still, her next move would release her orgasm into the world and she wouldn’t allow herself to experience it and not looking into his eyes. Her eyes might pop out of their sockets, her veins might burst due to the pressure her heart was building but nothing in this world would make her loose her lock on him. She would collapse after the orgasm, she didn’t care, but she would give him all the experience she would ever be able to give him. He would not only smell her, but taste her in the breeze as the wind passed her body. He would see the glow in the air of her heated body. He would hear the echo of her breathing after she stopped speaking. She took a deep breath, inhaled all the air she could get into her lungs and while she exhaled her thumb found its way to what seemed the center of all of her nerve endings. Her orgasm found its way to the far ends of her body. Each cell in her body seemed to explode over and over again. Her eyes tried to find a way out of her body, her heart tripled its pace. But she kept her eyes on his. And just before she started to loose her consciousness, just after every cell in her body had expressed its gratitude towards her brain for staying conscious during the process a tear ran from her eye to her chin, the blur in her eyes making her loose her grip on him and making her realize that no orgasm would ever be the same. Then her legs gave up on her. He saw in the far distance the lights go out, the light he had enjoyed looking at more than anything else in his life. Once the light was gone he saw her fall to the ground. Sweating all over her body. Trembling as if she had a fever. He carried her to his bed, not paying attention to the knives poking in his brain, released upon him by the still fresh wound. Exhausted he fell besides her. It didn’t take long before he was sleeping unaware that Patty had exchanged her state of unconsciousness for a state of dreaming about super novas and the births of stars.