Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to normal (CH07EP10)

Weeks went by and his wound healed completely. Only a few scars where visible. Barely. Her attention had diverted from his wounds to him and they grew closer every day.
He still had his mysteries, she clearly didn't know him as well as she would've liked, but then again it was not knowing everything that made their relation so special, was what she was telling herself.

After a while he seemed to pick up his old activities again and when she was at work he would 'roam the planet, looking for opportunities' as he put it so often. She had no clue as to what that meant but every time he'd returned from one of these trips he seemed to have replenished his energy somehow.
One day she returned from work and she found him in the kitchen, bare chested with his hands in the sink. His shirt was on the floor, all bloody and when he grabbed for a towel she saw his hands red. Startled she asked him if he was alright. He turned around and with a big grin on his face he told her he was better than alright. He was actually so well that he had invited their friends for diner that night. On the menu; deer. On his drive home, he'd hit a deer that was crossing the road, the deer had survived the crash, but barely and he had taken it out of its misery.
His face didn't show any emotion, none at all. This struck her as odd. At least he should have been showing some emotion telling her this. Some sadness, compassion, maybe lust. Lust would have been weird, but no emotions at all was even weirder. She dismissed it, it was probably due to the adrenaline or something.
He told her he had been working the deer the whole afternoon, preparing it and tendering it. Now it was in a hole in their backyard smoldering. It would have to stay there for another 3 hours before he could put it on the barbecue. It would be the best piece of meat she had ever had. This was his promise to her.
She was just glad she hadn't been in the car when the deer had hit him. Where was the car she asked him. He'd taken it for repairs because hitting a deer was like driving into a brick wall. The better part of the car's front was gone. It would take a day or 2 for the repairs and paint job. He would stay home and work on his paperwork. Tax season was nearing and for once in his life he wanted to be on time instead of having to threaten the IRS agent to kill him if he wouldn't get an extension. He smiled, but it wasn't a "I'm just kidding" smile. It was a little devious. She asked herself who this man in her kitchen was, she didn't recognize him at all. But it was him, she felt drawn to him and she blamed her exhaustive day at the hospital for reading too much in how he acted.
That night she indeed had one of the best if not the best BBQ'ed meat ever. Their friends Mark and Mandy arrived short after one another early in the evening and they had started with some grilled tiger prawns and oysters, to raise appetite. With the wine flowing the discussions that night grew more and more ludicrous. At one point Mark had commented on the deer steak he was eating and had asked him how he had killed the deer. He had noticed the evenly spaced holes in the deers neck when the deer was cut in parts to be barbecued. "I dug my fingers in its neck and tore its throat out" had the answer been. They all laughed at this. He explained that he had used the crowbar he kept in the car to kill the deer. It had been quite an undertaking, deer turned out to be very tough animals indeed. When he had used the crowbar last time, cracking some traveling salesman's skull it had been a far easier job. Again they laughed at this and Mark joked about the fact that was lucky he never met mr. Crowbar. He told them that Mark was special and deserved a far more exquisite death, like a knitting needle jammed up his ear or a hollow needle stuck in one of his main arteries so he would bleed out.

The following day he was working on the deer, slicing it in manageable pieces, to be deep frozen for later use. Patty helped him do this and she enjoyed the primitive activities, as if they were cave man and woman, preserving their kill for the winter. After a full day of work they were done. The freezer was full of deer and Mark would be over to pick some deer steaks up.

Over the next few weeks he went more and more often out on the roads. Patty did her shifts at the hospital and whenever she was home he would be there or arrive shortly after. Although she wondered what he was doing when he wasn't at home, she figured he would tell her some day.
But as days went by her curiosity grew and one day she asked him what he was doing and how he actually earned his money. He surely wasn't a salesman, so why was he always on the road and never shy of money? He explained to her that he went all over the region looking for investment opportunities. Small investments but many, in local businesses primarily so he could give back to society, but the part he lived in. Because most of it only needed some notarized documents it was low on overhead but often very lucrative. And because he invested in many projects, it was low on risk as well. He would never be a billionaire, but he, they, could live a nice life out of it. It satisfied her curiosity only partially, it didn't explain why he not only took a shower after every trip, but he washed his clothes as well. In fact that was the first thing he did every time he came home. She wouldn't ask him about this, not this time.

Two weeks later she returned from her work and when she got home she smelled the pot roast on the stove with a sweet and tangy smell accompanying the typical smell of cooking meat. It smelled delicious and she looked forward to diner.
She heard the sound of the bathtub filling and guessed he would be upstairs taking a bath after a full day of investing. She liked his view on the matter, investing in local businesses, many of them. To reduce risk of loosing his money, he invested in many projects. But to make sure that the money he invested where never wasted at all, he invested in local projects. Giving back. She knew she was with the right man, with a decent man.
She walked up the stairs and when she was on the landing she continued tiptoeing. She wanted to surprise him and when she saw that the bathroom door was ajar, she was certain that he had anticipated her arrival. A quick peek around the door showed her that he was in the final stages to get undressed. His back to hers he bent over and kicked of his jeans.

In a swift motion she undid herself of her dress and the simple panties and bra she was wearing followed suite. While enjoying the sight of the naked body of the man she had fallen in love with she decided that it had been to long she had given him a sponge bath.
Silently she move behind him and as he stepped with his other foot into the tub, she wrapped one arm around him, squeezing him lightly while reaching
for the sponge with her other arm. Gently rubbing the sponge over his back, she assumed a steady rhythm squeezing him. And as her sponge moved over his back and buttocks, she felt him getting harder in her other hand.
The lathered sponge slid easily in the crease between his buttocks, caressing his balls. Meanwhile her soft lips kissed his shoulders and the especially sensitive lower part of his neck.
His right hand reached behind him, searching for the patch of hair marking
the entrance to her love. His left hand wrapped itself completely behind her, firming its grip on one of her buttocks and started kneading.
First one and then another finger of his were entered into her, slowly moving in and out. Matching the rhythm her hand upheld on his member. He felt her grip tightening when his thumb touched her clit.
The sponge dropped into the bath with a soft splash and he now felt her
hand, relieved from its sponging duties around him and caressing his chest. She pressed herself against him, her hard nipples under his shoulder blades. His left hand, now having some more leeway as she pressed herself against him, moved between her buttocks moistening itself with the juices flowing from between her trembling legs. His hand moved up and down the length of the crease of her buttocks and every time he felt the soft skin between her slid and her butt he applied some pressure, intensifying with every stroke.
When he felt her whole body tensing up he stopped. Her nails dug into his manhood, expressing her frustration. When he turned around, her mouth was open and their tongues started their own dance when he kissed her.
He lifted her up into the bathtub. The water had been too cold. She shivered, but that lasted for the fraction of a second it took him to enter her while
lowering the. Into the tub. Despite the coldness of the water they enjoyed the heat inside themselves and it didn't take long before first he and the she climaxed.

After showering they dressed and with the tea all cold they decided to go for brunch into town. Once on their way they were both silent, both with their own thoughts, neither of them wondering what the other was thinking, neither of them aware of how different things would be had they only known what the other was thinking.