Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chapter 3 - Episode 8

Another week went by before he saw Kate getting out of her car carrying her groceries to their house. She left the car open and while returning for the second batch of that week’s groceries she saw him closing the car, carrying them. She could do nothing but let him in and while he was putting the paper bags on the kitchen table he asked her why she was avoiding her. She answered that she wasn’t avoiding him, but that she had been busy. He asked her why she’d hung up the phone every time he called. She hesitated before she answered that she was expecting an important call and didn’t want to run the risk of missing that call because she was talking to somebody else. She told him she didn’t like the third degree he was giving her and he replied he didn’t like to be ignored by her. Their voices raised they argued, she walked towards him, telling him to get out of her life. Telling him that he had ruined her life when they made love in the mountains. Telling him that she was pregnant and didn’t know if he or Mathew was the father. He was stunned, felt behind him, grabbed a chair and sat down. He looked at her, not saying a word eyes fixated at her stomach. He reached out, touching her as if to touch the life she had in her, possibly his life. She took his hand, pushed it aside but didn’t let go of it. Guided it to her face and kissed it. She told him how much she missed his touch, how much she missed feeling him inside her, how much she wanted to make love to him. Explaining that she could only make these feelings disappear when she made sure he wasn’t in her life. Explaining that that was the reason why she avoided him, because she loved her husband and her son and she didn’t want to leave them, but if it weren’t for them, she would want, she would pray that the new life forming inside of her was his. She kissed his hand again and he kissed her stomach, pressing her against his face, feeling with his hand how tears were rolling down her cheek. He looked up and saw her cry. She was trembling all over and as his other hand caressed her breasts she started to breath heavily. A soft moan escaped from her when his other hand removed itself from her grip and stroked her inner thighs. He stood up and kissed her, their lips parted and he felt her tongue probe his mouth searching for his tongue. He broke the kiss and looked in her eyes asking her if it was him she wanted. She nodded, longing eyes staring at him, hands feverishly unzipping his jeans, anticipating what they would find inside. He stepped back and told her that she had a husband and son she loved very much and turned around. At the door he faced her again, recalling her word, that if it weren’t for them, she would pray the unborn baby to be his. She cried at his words and when he closed the door, she called out his name. Begged him to return, not to leave her alone.

Although the television was playing he wasn’t watching, instead he was thinking about what Kate had said. Ever since he left her house, he heard them in his head. He kept on hearing her say that if it wasn’t for Benjamin and Mathew, she wanted the baby to be his. If it weren’t for Benjamin and Mathew, she wanted to be with him. And while the hours went by he rehearsed the mantra in his head, and when he saw lights cutting through the darkness that persisted in the early morning he went outside.

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