Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Greek Restaurant (CH07EP02)

That Wednesday it rained heavily, and he was hesitant of going to the restaurant. Instead he was thinking of calling Mark Sieberts to reschedule their dinner. But as he was dialing the salesman’s number he thought of the two ladies that would join them for dinner. It had been years since he had been with a woman. Kate had been the last woman he had made love to and he admitted to himself that he wouldn’t mind a little romance in his life.

He took his umbrella under his arm and stepped outside. The rain was still coming down as there was no tomorrow and he had to use the umbrella as he walked to his car. The drive to the small Greek restaurant was uneventful as most people stayed in the safety of their home. He arrived 10 minutes early and decided to do some grocery shopping. A few minutes later he walked to his car with two paper bags full of groceries and while he loaded the bags in the car he realized that it had been years since he had done groceries as if he led a normal live. He was going out on a blind double date, having dinner with people he hardly knew to discuss business. He locked the car and walked to the restaurant. As he opened the door he heard a familiar voice from behind and as he turned around somebody opened the restaurant door and hit his head from behind. He fell and hit his head a second time. He lost his consciousness.