Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Salesman (CH07EP01)

The salesman had asked him if he could use his bathroom. It had been 3 years after Jerome had died. After that last time a few days after the funeral he never saw or heard anything from Merry again.

He let the salesman in, looking at the merchandize as the salesman was in the bathroom he heard uncle Ray talking to him about the funeral. He decided to buy one of the cordless vacuum cleaners the salesman had for sale.

The next day he thought about what he had bought. The vacuum cleaner was still in its box and after taking it out he tried it. He had to as he had knocked over a box full of bread crumbs for the birds. He turned the switch and 10 seconds later all crumbs were in the filterless cleaner and the kitchen floor looked clean again. He was impressed as he hadn’t been convinced by the salesman about the power of the appliance. The man hadn’t lied and he looked for his business card.

The doorbell rang and as he opened it the salesman greeted him. 8 PM , right on time and this time the salesman had all kinds of appliances in the back of his mini-van. He was asked to help carry some of the boxes inside. It didn’t take long for the both of them to move the boxes from the van into his living room. He asked if the salesman cared for some coffee and before the man could answer, he walked towards the kitchen. When he turned around the salesman right behind him. He was startled for a second then the salesman told him that showing the Espresso 2000 Deluxe might very well start the demonstration of Sieberts and Son’s appliances. He agreed.

It took the salesman 15 seconds to remove the Espresso 2000 Deluxe out of the cardboard box. He placed the coffee machine on the kitchen bar and asked his audience to take a seat. The salesman obviously was used to a larger audience. He introduced himself as being Mark Seaverts, one of the 3 sons of Seaverts Sr. and the only son working for his father. Mark was obviously quite familiar with his goods, as 10 minutes after his introduction he had completely explained all features of this little Wunder machine, based on German technology and designed by a brother of a famous Italian car designer. And by demonstrating all features he also made an excellent espresso. Mark gave him the espresso in an Italian designed cup and he took a sip. It was his first espresso and he liked it immediately. Mark took another cup from the box and while poring the black coffee into the cup he explained that the coffee-machine came with 2 espresso cups, 2 cups for cappuccino and on top that 2 mugs for cold lonely nights with a loved one. He asked what was next.

Mark showed a variety of appliances ranging from Russian designed blenders to water absorbing portable dishwashers engineered in Holland . The whole presentation continued until just after midnight and he was impressed, not only by the features each of the products offered but also by Mark’s presentation skills. He asked if Mark liked to discuss some new opportunities over dinner later that week adding that it was pure business. Mark answered that he was booked completely that week, unless he could bring to lovely women, assuring that they were not old ladies but actually stewardesses or models or both. It was okay and they agreed to meet at the restaurant two days from now. They would enjoy their dinner and would discuss business afterwards.