Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Humming Noise (CH06E02)

He felt how a sharp object entered his mouth. It cut his tongue loose. He looked up but didn’t see anything. The whole world was covered in blackness. He tried to stand but his legs didn’t have the strength to carry him. His hands moved towards his head. He touched his mouth, to ensure that everything was still there. He felt his tongue, his teeth. He kissed his fingers, happy to feel that everything was still there. His hands moved upwards, finding his eyes. He felt how his eyelids moved up and down.

He moved his head from side to side and gradually he felt how his legs regained their strength. He stood up and stretched his legs. He had never dreamed of the relief he would feel to actually being able to stand up and stretch his legs.

He made a step forward, but a pain in his groin made him stop. A needle was sticking out of his testicle, blood was seeping from it. He removed the needle and tried to walk again. Although he didn’t see anything he walked straight to the door. He reached for the handle and tried it. The door was locked. He looked for a switch, there had to be a switch near the door. As he found it he turned on the light. A humming noise filled the room. The noise came from behind him and as he turned around a bright light shone in his eyes. He felt the air moving as something dark approached his face. He could barely duck to avoid his face being smashed, but something from beneath him hit him in his face. He passed out.

The cold air woke him up. He looked around and saw that he was outside, lying on the ground. When he stood up he saw the house in the distance. He felt his eyes, but they were perfectly in order, both eyelids were still where they belonged. He tried to speak, say his name and he heard his own voice speaking out his name. He looked around him and saw a branch lying on the ground close to the spot where he had been lying. He lookup and saw how the tree he stood under was missing a branch. He figured that the branch must have hit him on his head and he passed out.

He looked at the house and was determined to enter it. He stepped forward, but felt a stinging pain in his groin. He unzipped his pants and saw a needle sticking out of one his testicles. He removed it and tossed it aside.