Monday, May 31, 2010

The Voice (CH06E01)

A high-pitched sound woke him up and he realized that his wounds were healing. He tried to look around but everything was dark. He had to be blind, because his eyelids were removed. He still remembered the agonizing pain he endured while they removed his eyelids. He didn’t remember when he was made blind. He wondered how they’d done it. Did he still have his eyes, or were they taken out of their sockets. He tried to roll his eyes and found that he could still feel them.

The sound seized and was replaced by a deep thumping sound. Like a heartbeat, but too fast to be a heartbeat. Or maybe it was the heartbeat of somebody under extreme conditions. A slow rattling sound caught his attention and he tried to locate the source of the sound. He was bound to a bed, and it was heart to move, but he succeeded in determining the sound came from his left. He felt a warm breeze against his cheek. Nothing made sense and then he heard a whisper. He had to use all his will power concentrate and to understand what the whispering voice was saying and although he understood most of it, he didn’t understand what the words meant. It was as if he knew the language but didn’t understand it. He once had a girlfriend who was Italian and although it sounded like Spanish, he had never been able to understand what her parents were saying, even though he learned Spanish in high school. But this voice was speaking English, he was sure about that, and it frustrated him that he wasn’t able to make sense of what the voice said.

Steadily the heartbeat increased in volume while the tone deepened. He could almost feel the deep bass tone. He felt like his stomach was vibrating, as if his intestines were being torn apart. Meanwhile the high-pitched tone emerged from all sides. He tried to block out all sound; he tried to think about what had happened, about why he was here.

Then everything stopped. He heard footsteps. Somebody was coming towards him, he tried to turn around, to face the person approaching him. He opened his mouth, tried to speak but his tongue was sown against his lower lip. He heard a click and then saw a light shine in his face. He didn’t see the light, he should have, his eyed lids were removed just a few hours ago. Or was it days ago. Maybe months? Minutes? He didn’t understand what was going on.

A voice told him that he didn’t have to worry about his eyes, they had taken care of them. He didn’t have to worry about anything, he was home. He tried to ask the voice what was wanted from him. But silence was all the noise he could make. He felt how the ropes around his wrists were loosened. He felt his face. What he felt shocked him. Before he could realize what was going on he felt a needle enter one of his testicles. The pain made him scream, but no sound escaped from his mouth as his tongue was not able to express his pain.