Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Emergency Room (CH07EP03)

As he opened his eyes he saw men in green jackets running around him, a bright light was shining in his face and he wondered what was going on. Once his eyes were adjusted to the light everything made sense, he was in the ER. A familiar voice told him that they had found him on the sidewalk besides his car he had been mugged. He turned his head to the voice and saw Mark standing besides his bed, two women were behind him. He tried to smile, but his face didn’t seem to cooperate. A woman in white told him that they had to sedate him. A man in green approached him and told him that they had to perform surgery. Mark had signed the letter of consent. He looked at Mark, who told him that he had told them they were brothers, same father different mother. Mark smiled. Again he looked at the women, one was definitely blonde, the other might be a redhead or a brunette. The light in the ER played games on her hair, the sedative played games on his mind. She definitely had green eyes. He closed his eyes to concentrate and forced a smile on his face, this time he succeeded. They smiled back at him and told him that although hospital food was terrible, they would never forget their first date with him and Mark. He looked at Mark, puzzled because Mark had a serious look on his face. Then Marks smile reappeared and introduced the girls, the blonde was Mandy, the red-brunette was Patricia, but preferred to be called Patty. They hello’ed him and gave him a hug, his head was bouncing as they pressed him against their bodies. He didn’t mind, instead he felt miserable after they released their lock on him. It wasn’t a form of boy-disappointment, the disappointment you fell when the girl broke the kiss, the disappointment you fell when something good ended but you know it would start in a second again. No he felt miserable. It had been a while since he last felt a warm body against his, and although he was in a hospital, just after surgery and with a minor concussion he remembered how good it fell to feel the warmth of a woman’s breast pressing against his chest. He tried to suppress a smile on his face, not wanting to give away how he felt, but he failed. Patty noticed it before the rest and commented that they should definitely set a new date. She was still hungry and just a hug didn’t satisy her appetite. Mandy turned at Mark and asked him how he felt about it. Before Mark could answer he told the girls that he would love a second date, but he wanted to recover completely as he would like to enjoy their company to the fullest.

As the surgeon came over to see how he was doing he asked when he could be released. In two days he was allowed to leave the hospital. He would have to stay in bed the remainder of the day and the next day to give to wound some time to heal, then the second day he would be allowed to move around. And the first week at home no manual labor. If he needed somebody to help him around the house, the hospital could help him as they had excellent experiences with some of the agencies. They would appreciate it if he referred to the hospital when hiring somebody as budgets were tight nowadays.