Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chapter 3 - Episode 7

The next day they prepared for their trip back, it had been a wonderful time in the mountains and they all felt reluctant to go home, all but Benjamin, who couldn’t wait until he told his kindergarten teacher about his adventures. A week later life was back to normal, almost normal as Kate avoided her neighbor. Mathew asked him if something happened that he should know about between him and Kate, as she acted strange whenever his name came up. He told Mathew that he wasn’t aware of anything and was curious himself, as it was obvious that Kate was avoiding him. Both men agreed that Kate was acting strange and neither one of them would press her to explain her behavior.

Kate was standing in the bathroom, door closed and locked staring at the little piece of paper she had in her hands. It had been more than a month since the mountain trip and she hadn’t had her period. Worried she had bought a home-pregnancy test and after carefully reading the directions she was now looking at the result. According to the test she was pregnant. Benjamin would get his sister or brother, but she wasn’t sure if his dad was the father of her baby. She decided not to tell anybody about her pregnancy before she had been to the doctor for which she had an appointment a week later.

He was standing in his kitchen looking outside at Benjamin playing with his ball. He saw Kate appearing in the front door and Benjamin stopped playing, the little boy ran inside and he guessed diner was ready at the neighbors. It had been more than a month since he’d spoken with Mathew about Kate and ever since, she had said a single word to him. He went over a couple of times, when he knew Mathew was not home, but Kate wouldn’t open the door. He had called her on their phone, but as soon as she knew it was him, she would hang up. He missed her and felt hurt being rejected like this. Benjamin seemed to share his mother’s feelings towards him, as the kid never came over to play or to ask for hotdogs. He realized how much his happiness had come to depend on his acceptance by Kate and Benjamin and he felt miserable lately. That night he went for a walk and while he was walking in the empty street, his existence only noticed by the streetlights he remembered Clara, how much he had loved her.

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