Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sticky red sheets (CH07EP07)

It had been 45 minutes since he woke up and although the sun was shining right into her eyes, she was still asleep. Since 5 minutes he allowed himself to blink his eyes, but only to be able to tell the time when he would look at the clock. 10 minutes later he noticed that she wasn’t breathing. He hadn’t noticed it before because he was too fixated with her eyes. He panicked. He regained his calm when he realized that maybe she wasn’t completely a sleep and therefore didn’t take such deep breaths. Then he noticed the red stains in the sheet covering her. Whatever it was it was still fresh and what else could it be but blood. He looked at his hands and only now noticed that they were sticky and as he held them in the sunlight he saw that they were covered with the same red substance as he noticed seconds before on the sheet. Again he panicked. Nothing made sense anymore. It wasn’t the first woman he’d killed. She wasn’t even the first woman he loved and killed anyway. But she was the first person he killed without knowing it. He panicked because he realized that he was a threat to society. It was dangerous to have him around. He had to move, leave the new vacuum cleaner behind and move to a new home, as he had done so many times before.

He ignored the phone and instead made breakfast. He would leave that day, leaving her behind make it look as if somebody had taken hold of him. He went upstairs to take a shower, anticipating the pain he would experience. The phone rang again and after the second ring she asked him why he didn’t pick up the phone.