Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chapter 3 - Episode 4

One day he and Benjamin went for swimming, as he heard screams coming from the house. He took the kid out of the water and ordered it to stay next to the car while he was taking care of some business. He walked to the house and heard Mathew accusing his wife of cheating on him. He stopped and listened to Kate denying the accusations, screaming that she knew that her husband was screwing some bimbo from the office, that she even had prove of it. He turned around, knowing that this wasn’t any of his business and it would be best for Benjamin not to become part of it. He didn’t want the little boy to be screwed up because of his parents and decided to take the boy to the ‘ Small Canyon ’ hoping they would see the deer again. And only as they arrived at the open spot he realized that he perfectly knew the way that they weren’t lost. They waited for 2 hours and he already wanted to return to the cabin, figuring that the fight must have stopped by know as Benjamin pulled on his arm, pointing at the deer on the other side of the canyon. And just like a few days ago, the majestic animal looked at him as if it knew that as long as it stayed out of the reach of his hands, it would be safe. Ten minutes later Benjamin had seen enough of the deer and wanted to go back as he was hungry.

They walked back to the house, were Kate and Mathew were standing by the car. It was obvious that they had been in a fight as Kate’s hair was all messed up and Mathew’s shirt was torn out of his jeans. All the signs were there and he was glad Benjamin hadn’t heard them fight, but then he noticed the smiles of contempt on their faces. They asked him were he’d been and apologized for taking the boy without leaving a message as to where he’d been going, but they ensured him that they hadn’t been worried for a moment as they completely trusted him. He told them that he’d heard them fight, that he overheard the reason for their dispute and didn’t want their son to be confronted with it. Mathew took Benjamin in his arms and hugged the kid, while Kate looked at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanking him of being so thoughtful. That evening at the fireplace Kate and Mathew explained that it had all been a misunderstanding. Mathew knew about Kate’s affections for their neighbor, but she’d reassured him that she just liked the neighbor as a very good friend. Kate on the other hand thought she had proof of Mathew having an affair with a girl from his office. She’d found receipts of his credit card showing that he’d bought earrings and a bracelet she never got. But as Mathew had given her the earrings and bracelet, telling her that it was a present for her because he got promoted. They then noticed that both he and their son were gone and decided to make up. Kate told him that she and Mathew wanted Benjamin to have a little sister or brother, and since Benjamin was the result of them staying in the cabin four years ago. He could guess the rest. They wanted to know where he’d taken Ben that afternoon and he told them about the deer. He saw the look in Kate’s eyes but couldn’t quiet figure out what it meant. That night he stayed awake and early in the morning he went to ‘ Small Canyon ’ and climbed to the other side.

To be continued...

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