Monday, February 25, 2008

Chapter 3 - Episode 5

Just before noon he came out of the bushes and approached the deer standing at the edge of the canyon. Unaware of what was behind it, it continued to graze and once it felt the cold hand at its neck it was to late. His right hand went deep into the deer’s neck while his left hand went straight to the animal’s liver. Once he got hold of the liver he took it out, blood spraying all over him. He knew that it was a wise idea to approach the animal completely naked. The deer fell to the ground, almost crushing him, but he just in time stepped away. The deer tried to kick his assailant, but didn’t have the strength left and succumbed to the pain caused by the hands buried deep inside of it. It took him fifteen minutes to gut the animal, and another ninety to burry it. He than got up, walked to the lake and washed the blood of his body. He then put on his clothes again and walked back to the cabin. The smell of fresh coffee made him realize that he was thirsty. Benjamin asked him were he had been so early, and he told the boy that he wanted to greet the deer but never saw a living trace of it. Disappointed that he wasn’t asked to come along, the kid proceeded with his sandwich. After breakfast Kate cleaned up the cabin while Mathew and Benjamin prepared for a fishing trip. They were going to the waterfall and didn’t expect to be back before late in the afternoon, probably after dark. Ten minutes later they were on their way.

He walked into the kitchen and asked Kate if she and Mathew were okay. And she told him they were, she thanked him again for taking Benjamin away from their fight and asked him if there was a way to show him her gratitude, but he told her that knowing that she and her husband were happily married again was enough. She turned around, facing the sink and he heard her cry. He put a hand on her shoulder, telling her that it was all right, that he was there for her if she wanted to talk. She turned around and kissed him. He didn’t kiss her back, instead he pushed her away, looking at her, asking about Benjamin’s new sister or brother. She told him that she didn’t care. She told him that she wanted to experience his love, his touch and knowing that her husband wouldn’t be home before long, she wanted him for herself that day. He let go of her, stepped back and walked away, into the forest to the open spot. There he sat down on the grass staring at the other side of the canyon, hoping to see the hunter that had fired the shot a few days ago.

A little while later he heard Kate calling is name, knowing that she knew where he would be, he called her name, and a moment later she appeared in front of him. Asking him if he though that she was attractive, just like she had asked a few days before.

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