Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chapter 2 - Episode 2

Sure his mother undressed him as well right before she would give him a bath, but she never let him undress her, or watch her get undressed, since he was a baby his mother was undressed while bathing him, most of these bathing sessions, she would get into the tub with him, because there was no point in washing him, while she was dirty. And since 7 years she insisted him to wash her first especially on the especially dirty places, she would guide him and after she was done he had to clean himself afterwards while she watched. He was told where to wash, how to wash and when to wash. He didn’t hate his mother for this, he hated her for being selfish, as she had to know that he had certain feelings as well, feelings he had to deny with her.

That summer he took Carla to the open spot in the woods, where no car had ever been, yet a car had killed his dog on that same spot. And while she undressed him, he thought of the dog, of the intestines that came effortless out of it. And he saw how Carla was revolving in them, rubbing them all over her, and he got aroused, not because of what he saw, but of the idea that he finally met somebody that felt the same about the dog. He closed his eyes and told Carla that she was the most special person in his life, and she told him that she’d never met anybody like him. And while listening he ejaculated.

He felt his sperm dripping on the grass and he saw Carla drop to her knees her head hanging sideways. He got scared because he could feel his hands any more. He looked around looking for his hands, but with his hands his arms were gone. And than he realized that they were buried deep into Carla’s belly, searching for her organs, ready to rip them out. And while he removed his hands from the young girl he took her kidneys along and dropped them next to her body, close to her head, asking her if she enjoyed what he was doing. The only sound Carla was able to make was a soft gurgling, which resulted in a growl. Then blood filled her lungs and dripped from her lips. He kissed her, tasting her blood meanwhile disemboweling the most special person in his life. The taste of fresh oxygen rich blood and the sight of her liver made him experience his second orgasm. He spilled his sperm all over her now motionless body and realized that this was the most and last intimate encounter he would have with Carla.

To be continued...

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