Monday, October 23, 2006

Chapter 2 - Episode 1

Ten years after a car hit his dog, as he let his parents to believe, he’d met Clara. She was sitting behind him and just moved from the west coast. He really liked her and he thought the feeling was mutual. Clara was a typical Californian babe, blonde with blue eyes, long slender legs and always cheerful, as if nothing in the world could depress her. Everybody in school new that she would make the cheerleaders the coming season. They’d spent a lot of time that summer and after a while they got intimate, intimate in a way he’d never experienced before, not even when his mother was bathing him. He took Clara to the spot where his dog was hit by a car and she undressed him, like she’d undressed him a few times before in his room.

He liked it when she undressed him, more because it would mean that he was going to undress her as well. He liked to see her immature breasts reveal themselves as undid the buttons of her blouse. And when she was only wearing her white sports bra and white panties she would make a pirouette in front of him, stopping halfway and bending over to watch him watch her from between her legs. She could tell that it excited him. And he would watch her bending over, waiting for her to get up again, turn herself to him and taking of her bra, that was the moment that most excited him, seeing her nipples hardening while she gazed at him. Seeing the tiny wet spot in her panties, knowing that he was going to be allowed to take them home with him.

To be continued...

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