Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chapter 1 - Episode 1

There he sat, wondering what he was doing. And after four days without food and only a bottle of water, which went foul two days ago he ignored the unsettling feeling in his stomach. He had forgotten the frozen pizza he had in the fridge.

Even after 4 days of constant analysis of what he had done, he was still wondering what he was doing, or more accurate, he was wondering what he had done. He picked up the bottle and noticed the red fingerprints on the label. And the memories came back. Memories as vague as the water in his bottle. He now noticed the drops of blood in the water, floating around as if they refused to get mixed with the water. Another memory came to his mind. A creepy feeling came over him. His mind was filled with horror when he saw the images with his mind’s eye. As in a dream, he relived the events he thought that had happened last week. Or was it a month? He couldn’t remember.

To be continued...

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