Friday, October 13, 2006

Chapter 1 - Episode 2

He saw how he dug his bare hands up to his wrists in the motionless body of the woman. He guessed her at 40 years old, although scars around her ears suggested a recent face-lift. Judging by her clothes and the amount of jewelry she was wearing she must have been rich. But he didn’t care he never cared about money. Luxury was something that had never been on his mind. Although he came from a rich family and never had to worry about a thing, he now lived in one of the smallest apartments thinkable, no laundry facilities, no microwave, only an old fridge, that most of the time didn’t really cool what was put in it. He just didn’t care. What he did care about was the feeling that he got every time he laid his hands on a stiff body like the one he had his hand buried in.

He noticed that he was thinking of himself in the past sentence, as if he was no longer the person that he used to be. Something that made in a strange way perfect sense. He didn’t know why, but he felt as if the world had changed in such a way that nothing was the same any more. He had been thinking about this for the past 4 days, rethinking, reliving the events of the week before. Or was it a month? He didn’t care.

And while doing so, a new memory surfaced...

To be continued...

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