Friday, January 26, 2007

Chapter 3 - Episode 1

An uncomfortable feeling in his stomach pulled him back into the present. He looked up and saw that the sky had darkened it was soon getting night. He realized that he must have fallen asleep while remembering the events with Carla. He’d never seen his parents after the events and never felt the desire to see them. He was sure that they’d given up searching for him fairly soon after he was reported missing. He looked around him, but the scene was just the way it had been the past 4 days, no food and just a bottle of water, which he probably shouldn’t drink from. He was hungry that was the reason he his stomach was twitching. He stroke his abdomen and felt that his shirt was sticky. He looked at his hands. They were covered in blood. He look down and saw red stains in his shirt, fresh blood seeping through them, as he lifted his shirt he saw 6 holes just below his ribs. Holes the size of his fingers, gaping wide open. A small puddle of blood had formed besides him on the dirty floor of his shelter. As he realized that it hadn’t been hunger but these injuries that had woken him up he panicked for a second, than he removed his shirt. As he removed his shirt he felt that it stuck to his back as well, which meant that he also had wounds in his back, wounds that were healing, but wounds that had spilled blood nevertheless. He ripped his shirt and stuffed his wounds with it. This would stop the bleeding. He was sure about that, because he remembered how it had stopped the bleeding of Benjamin’s wounds.

To be continued...

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