Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chapter 2 - Episode 3

He started to delve his hands deeper into her body, targeting her heart, as she was still alive. He owed her death as she had given him life the way it should always have been. Carla had shown him how to accept love and how to give love. She’d shown him with her long slender legs what it means to enjoy being with somebody, to give and to receive. He found her heart and removed it with the precision of a surgeon and placed it besides her had on the ground. Than he buried the girl that made him happy and left her heart for the animals. While digging he found the remains of the dog and put her with them in the same grave. He got up to his feet and walked away.

He didn’t come home that night and the police told his parents that missing people, even teenagers had to be missing for at least 36 hours before the police would start a search party.

To be continued...

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